Hospitality Professional

Atlanta, GA


A Hospitality Professional seeks to provide all guests with a “REMARK”able experience by doing their best to serve the guest or assisting someone that is serving a guest. We strive to offer fresh food at a fast pace while offering an amazing guest experience. A Hospitality Professional will treat all guest and fellow team members with Honor, Dignity, and Respect – All DAY, EVERYDAY

Vision: To be Atlanta’s best quick service restaurant by offering “REMARK”able food and “REMARK”able service. 

Core Values: Contribute. Care. Be Proactive.  


  1. Be Flexible
  2. Guest First
  3. Food Safety Mindset 

Summary of Expectations:  

  1. Be Flexible
    1. All team members are expected to work as part of a team that is focused on our Vision.
    2. All team members are trained on various aspects of the business and are expected to fulfill their assigned roles with a positive attitude. 
    3. All team members are expected to ask questions if they are unsure how to complete an assigned task. 
  2. Guest First
    1. All team members must understand that serving our guest is our number one priority.  
    2. If team member is not serving a guest directly they should be serving a team member that is or getting ready to serve the next guest. 
  3. Food Safety Mindset
    1. Food safety must be the number 1 priority. 
    2. Personal hygiene (washing hands, hair pulled back, no nails, etc.) protocols must be followed at all times. 
    3. We have to protect our guests. All questions in regards to allergens or ingredients must be directed to the manager on duty. 
    4. Cleanliness is everyone’s responsibility. Everyone must do their part to maintain a safe working environment.


Compensation is determined on a case by case based on numerous factors such as experience, availability and flexibility. We offer a flexible schedule where team members can have pre-requested dates and times off. Team members are typically not required to work late nights during the week or late on Saturdays (unless there is a big event). Team members get Sundays off.